MCQs on Nationalism in India Class 10

MCQs on Nationalism in India Class 10 MCQ of History Class 10 Chapter 1

Q 1. What major issue was criticised against by the liberal nationalists ?

(a) Censhorship laws to control the press

(b) Preservation of the Church

Q 2. What type of conservative regimes set up in 1815 in Europe ?

(a) Autocratic

(b) Aristocratic

(c) Democratic
(d) Dictatorial
>>> Correct Answer :- (a) Autocratic <<<

Q 3. Which of the following revolutions is called as the first expression of ‘Nationalism’ ? (a) French Revolution (b) Russian Revolution (c) Glorious Revolution (d) The Revolution of the liberals >>> Correct Answer :- (a) French Revolution

Q 4. Who was proclaimed the King of United Italy, in 1861 ? (a) Giuseppe Mazzinni (b) Victor Emmanuel II (c) Giuseppe Garibaldi (d) Cavour >>> Correct Answer :- (b) Victor Emmanuel II <<<

Q 5. Which of the following was not a part of Napoleon’s defeat ? (a) Britain (b) Austria (c) Italy (d) Germany >>> Correct Answer :- (c) Italy <<<

Q 6. Who hosted the ‘Treaty of Vienna’ ? (a) Victor Emmanuel (b) Frederic Sorrieu (c) Duke Metternich (d) Giuiseppe Garibaldi >>> Correct Answer :- (c) Duke Metternich <<<

Q 7. The meaning of ‘Volksgeist’ :- (a) Music (b) Spirit of the nation (c) Common People (d) None of the above >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 8. A large part of Balkan region was under the control of :- (a) German Empire (b) Ottoman Empire (c) Habsburg Empire (d) Russian Empire >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 9. Identify the French artish who prepared a series of four prints visualising his dreams of a world from the folowing :- (a) Voltaire (b) Kitagewa Utamaro (c) Richard M Hoe (d) Frederic Sorrieu >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 10. Treaty of Constantinople recognised ____________ as an independent nation. (a) Greece (b) Japan (c) Austria (d) Italy >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 11. Which of the following artist painted the image of Germania ? (a) Philip Veit (b) Ernst Renan (c) Richard M Hoe (d) Frederic Sorrieu

Q 12. When did the French Revolution start ? (a) 1789 (b) 1769 (c) 1879 (d) 1780 >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 13. Three wars over seven years with Austria, Denmark, Germany and France ended in :- (a) German Victory (b) Prussian Victory (c) Danish Victory (d) French Victory >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q14. Which of the following is true with reference to Romanticism ? (a) freedom of markets (b) cultural movements (c) concept of government by consent (d) freedom of an individual >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 15. What was the main intention behind ‘Treaty of vienna’ of 1815 ? (a) Restore democracies (b) Restore republics (c) Restore monarchies (d) None of these >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 16. What does blindfolded woman carrying a pair of weighing scales symbolise ? (a) Liberty (b) Peace (c) Justice (d) Equality >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 17. Which of the following countries did not attend the Congress of Vienna ? (a) Prussia (b) Britain (c) Russia (d) Switzerland >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 18. The Napoleonic Code was exported to which of the following regions ? (a) Poland (b) England (c) Regions under French control (d) Spain >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 19. What did ‘Das Volk’ stand for ? Slum dwellers (b) Democracy (c) Factory workers (d) common people >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 20. Elle, the measuring unit in Germany was used to measure :- (a) cloth (b) land (c) thread (d) height >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 21. Romanticism refers to a :- (a) cultural movement (b) literacy movement (c) religious movement (d) political movement >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 22. Zollevrein started in 1834 in Prussia refers to a :- (a) Farmer’s Union (b) Customs Union (c) Trade Union (d) Labour Union >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 23. Which of the following was not a part of the concept of nation-state ? (a) Sovereignty (b)Clearly defined boundary (c) National identity based on culture and history >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 24. Which of the following types of government was functioning before the revolution of 1789 ? (a) Council of French citizen (b) Dictatorship (c) Monarchy (d) Military >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 25. What did the ‘German Sword’ stand for ? (a) Beginning of a new era (b) Readiness to fight (c) Symbol of German empire-strenght (d) Heroism >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 26. ‘Crown of oak leaves’ symbolises ? (a) heroism (b) Being freed (c) Beginning of a new era (d) willingness to make peace >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 27. Which of the following countries is considered as the ‘cradle of European civilization’ ? (a) Russia (b) France (c) Greece (d) England >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 28. Which of the following types of government was functioning in France before the revolution of 1789 ? (a) Military (b) Body of French Citizen (c) Dictatorship (d) Monrchy >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

Q 29. Women were admitted in the Frankfurt parliament convened in the Church of St Paul, but only as :- (a) Guards (b) Opposition (c) Waitresses (d) Observers

Q 30. What is an ‘allegory’ ? (a) Song (b) Abstract idea (c) Idealistic state (d) Art form >>> Correct Answer :- <<<

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